Below is a table with details of all one hundred and sixteen (116) Coelogyne hybrids registered with the Royal Horticultural Society at Kew Gardens in London as of July 2020. Many are spectacular orchids and many far superior to species originals.

Note: By the year 2000 only 29 Coelogyne hybrids had been registered! There has been close to a 400% increase in 20 years plus many non-registered hybrids.

Hybrid Name Date Pod Parent Pollen Parent Originator
Albanense 1913 pandurata sanderiana Sanders & Sons
Amber 1998 speciosa ovalis David Banks
(Phillip Spence)
Andree´ Millar 1996 beccarii speciosa Phillip Spence
Andrew Banks 2015 stricta mooreana David Banks
Beatrice Schmidt 2012 Burfordiense veluntina L. Amazone
Bird in Flight 2011 usitana lawrenceana D W Bird
Brymeriana 1906 asperata dayana*3 Col. W E Brymer
Burfordiense 1911 asperata pandurata Sir Trevor Lawrence
Carolyn Sue 2001 speciosa trinervis S Pruyn
Colmanii 1907 cristata speciosa v. major Sir Jeremiah Colman
Cosmo-Crista 1996 Intermedia* cristata Kokusai
Curly Dancer 2020 speciosa chloroptera K Akutsu
Danielle de Prins 2001 speciosa fimbriata A de Prins
Day Dream 2020 Intermedia mooreana K Akutsu
Edward Pearce 1995 fragrans mooreana R Pearce
Fluffy Bob 2020 Daydream miniata K Akutsu
Fredensberg 2019 nitida lawrenceana O Gruss
G Beryl Read 2008 salmonicolor mooreana "Westonbirt" Dennis Read
Gattonense 1915 sanderae speciosa Sir Jerimiah Colman
Golden Bug 2006 speciosa fuscescens Carter & Holmes
granulosa Natural cristata alboluta Natural hybrid
Green Dragon 1992 pandurata massangeana (now
Burnham Nurseries
(Geyerland Orchids)
Green Elf 2018 assamica fuscescens Naresh
Green Magic 1986 parishii speciosa T Stevenson
Green Pixie 2011 mooreana fuscescens Kenji Kawamura
Green Spice 2020 lawrenceana brachyptera Tsutsuni
Hayden Houck 2020 pandurata ovalis  
Intermedia* 1913 cristata massangeana (now
James Cypher & Sons
Jannine Banks 1995 mooreana flaccida David Banks
(Phillip Spence)
Joel Strandberg 2006 confusa mooreana Jennifer Ritchie
John Leathers 2009 corymbosa mooreana Robert Hamilton
K R Gesssert  2014 cristata usitana M Karge-Liphard
Kaye Cole 2013 South Carolina Burfordiense C R Trudgian
Keith Spence 2009 Andre Millar mooreana Phillip Spence
Kirribilli Anne Dixon 2016 eberhardtii usitana 'Golden Gate' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Carmel 2016 celebensis usitana 'Golden Gate' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Charlie 2016 Amber mooreana "Brockhurst" Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Colin 2016 Mem W Micholitz usitana 'Golden Gate' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Danielle 1014 usitana assamica Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Ellen 2014 mooreana 'Brockhurst" assamica Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Ezekiel 2019 flexuosa speciosa Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Francis Edwards 2015 marmorata xyrekes Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Gillian 2015 mooreana huettneriana Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Gladys  Davies 2017 eberhardtii speciosa "Green" Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Hubert Dixon 2016 Mem W Micholitz erberhardtii Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli James 2014 speciosa huettneriana Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Janet Dixon-Smith 2017 mooreana 'Brockhurst" celebensis Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Jennifer O'Brien 2017 mooreana 'Brockhurst" Unchained Melody Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Jimmy 2019 calcicola mooreana 'Brockhurst' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Joseph Feld 2019 Mem W Micholitz Lyme Bay Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli John Davies 2016 calcicola fragrans Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Joyce 2013 speciosa xyrekes Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Lynette 2013 speciosa assamica Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Marie 2013 mooreana "Brockhurst' usitana 'Golden Gate' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Megan 2016 mooreana "Brockhurst' marmorata Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Nigel 2015 ovalis 'Black Lip' usitana 'Golden Gate' Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Noela 2013 flexuosa bilamellata Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Norm 2013 speciosa carinata Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Phoebe 2015 chloroptera huettneriana Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Ray 2014 speciosa marmorata Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Raelene 2016 speciosa celebensis Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Ruby 2019 Mem W Micholitz Kirribilli Joyce Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Sally 2017 speciosa 'Green'  eberhardtii Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Sarah Jean 2015 ovalis mooreana Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Stephanie 2015 mooreana "Brockhurst" brackyptera Kevin Dawes
Kirribilli Susan Dixon 2017 huettneriana flaccida Kevin Dawes
Lentil Soup 2015 speciosa lentiginosa Karge Orchideengarten
Liberty Rainforest Magic 2019 lawrenceana xyrekes Ch Swoboda
Liberty Rainforest Mystic 2019 salmonicolor xyrekes Ch Swoboda
Liberty Rainforest Secret 2019 fragrans xyrekes Ch Swoboda
Liberty Rainforest Splice 2019 Lyme Bay xyrekes Ch Swoboda
Linda Buckley 1989 mooreana cristata R Hull
Linnea 2013 salmonicolor speciosa Karge Orchideengarten
Louanne Banks 2015 Unchained Melody cristata David Banks
Lurline 2018 pandurata confusa E Quinn
Lyme Bay 2006 speciosa usitana Burnham Nurseries
Lynette Banks 2015 Memoria W Micholitz mooreana David Banks
Mem Elphaba Thropp 2013 parishii pandurata L Glicenstein
Mem Fukuba 2001 Shinjuku cristata Suwada Orchids
Mem Louis Forget 1994 speciosa mooreana 'Brockhurst' Dr P N Sander
Mem Okami 1994 Shinjuku Intermedia* Suwada Orchids
Mem Sadako 2001 speciosa Intermedia* Suwada Orchids
Mem Soedjana
1976 speciosa asperata A S Parnata
Mem Tokiko 2001 Shinjuku lawrenciana  Suwada Orchids
Mem Wilhelm
1950 lawrenceana mooreana 'Brockhurst' Sanders & Sons
Neroli Cannon 1981 speciosa fragrans D M Cannon
Noel Wilson 1984 mossiae* cristata Geyerland Orchids
Orchideengarten Anna 2015 trinervis Linda Buckley Karge Orchideengarten
Orchideengarten Clara 2015 Lentil Soup xyrekes Karge Orchideengarten
Orchideengarten Joachim 2014 usitana salmonicolor M Karge-Liphard
Orchideengarten Magdalene 2014 usitana fimbriata M Karge-Liphard
Orchideengarten Marei 2014 xyrekes cristata M Karge-Liphard
Orchideengarten Marei Saskia 2015 pandurata cristata Karge Orchideengarten
Orchideengarten Magdalene 2014 usitana fimbriata M Karge-Liphard
Orchideengarten Sabine 2015 speciosa Memoria W Micholitz Karge Orchideengarten
Orchideengarten Saskia 2014 usitana xyrekes M Karge-Liphard
Prof Georges
2007 ovalis cristata Jardin du Luxembourg
Rachael Banks 2015 Memoria Louis Forget mooreana David Banks
Rebecca Howe 2002 speciosa rumphii C Howe
Rebekah Banks 2015 Unchained Melody flaccida David Banks
Schwarzer Panther 2019 mayeriana pandurata O/U
Senne Pocahontas 2013 monilirachis speciosa Roellke Orchids
Shibata 1923 flaccida speciosa Shibata
Shinjuku 2001 speciosa cumingii Suwada Orchids
Siamese T-Rex 2015 asperata mayeriana Phil Spence
South Carolina 1996 Burfordiense pandurata Carter & Holmes
Speciosa-Colmanii 1918 Colmanii speciosa v. major Sir Jeremiah Colman
Spring Showers 2006 cristata lawrenceana RHS Wisely Gardens
Stanny unknown pandurata asperata RHS
Taicia 2005 lawrenceana speciosa Vacherot (Onanachvili)
Tiny Hope 2018 speciosa pandurata K Akutsu
Unchained Melody 1995 cristata flaccida David Banks
Unchained Melody 'Mossiae' ? cristata flaccida unknown
White Moon 2020 speciosa Day Dream K Akutsu
Wood Fairy 2008 salmonicolor corymbosa Dennis Read
Zia Maria 2015 pandurata fragrans Phil Spence

1.    Coelogyne Intermedia: There has been much debate about the authenticity of this hybrid and it has proved impossible to replicate so far. I have made many pollinations (as have a few others) but none have produced a full term pod. This is interesting considering many Coelogynes are so easy to hybridise. Many plants sold as Coelogyne Intermediate are actually the hybrid Coelogyne Unchained Melody.

2.    Coelogyne mossiae is commonly mislabeled. Generally, it is a variety of the hybrid Coelogyne Unchained Melody which is an almost alba version but with the palest lemon throat. In my Kirribilli collection I label it as Coelogyne Unchained Melody 'Mossiae' in an attempt to give it a meaningful identity that preserves its unique character and history and at the same time give it a common recognition as a different Coelogyne.

3.    Coelogyne Brymeriana: There is some confusion about the pollen parent Coel dayana which is now called Coel pulverula. It could have been Coel massangeana or Coel dayana var. massangeana which are now synonyms of Coelogyne tomentosa, a common source of confusion at the time.

4.     Species names start with a lower case letter. Man made hybrid names have a capital letter. If both pod and pollen parent have a lower case letter, the resulting off-spring is known as a Primary Hybrid resulting from two species. If one or both parents is listed with a capital letter then the resulting plant is from a species plant and a hybrid plant and is known as a Secondary Hybrid.

5.     To register a new hybrid, log onto the Royal Hoticultural Society website ( www. ) and complete an online form, or, an application form is obtained from the Royal Horticultural Society in Kew, England. The application needs to detail the parents and the date of crossing and have pictures of the resulting off-spring flowers (along with a small fee!). It is highly recommended that all hybrids be registered in order to avoid confusion, duplication and total frustration.

6.    The tag 'Mem' is short for Memoria, meaning it is named in memory of a person deceased.